I Probably Hate Your Band

IPHYB 'Edgy Song Lyrics' Shirt

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"Generic Pocket Print" front, and "Edgy Song Lyrics" back

Be the belle of the ball in this classy, AS Colour IPHYB T-Shirt!
Nothing screams "I'm a massive fuckwit!" more than sinking low enough to actually be seen in public with our logo emblazoned across your torso.

Designed to take the piss out of generic local band merch, buying this shirt is the perfect alternative to buying a real band shirt, and helping out some stupid, struggling musicians.

SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one 1 IPHYB T-Shirt, and get fucked - ABSOLUTELY FREE! Also, each shirt comes with two (2) free IPHYB stickers.

Printed on AS Colour Paper Tee